Parlo Tours has been in the travel industry for more than 3 decades . We have been around the travel industry longer than most and can be proud to say that we know what is required to become the preferred travel brand for travelers . We have always believed in giving a personalized touch to all our customers dream holiday.

Parlo Tours can be differentiated from our numerous divisions , each with their specific tasks and responsibility to our customers . We are specializing in providing both group travelers and individual travelers for long-haul destinations such as South America ,USA ,Canada ,Europe ,Australia as well as Exotic countries like Turkey ,Egypt ,Jordan ,Syria ,Tunisia and Besides ,we are also providing basic lan packages to cater for passengers that have purchased air tickets.

If you love travelling ,you will love working in Parlo Tours .It will be an eye openning and great learning opportunity for you to work in a travel agency like us.

Very challenging yet satisfying.
Position available
Date of postingPositionVacancy available
18 October 2018Graphic Designer/Multimedia Designer2 vacancies
18 October 2018Content Writer1 vacancy
18 October 2018Marketing Executive2 vacancies
18 October 2018Operation Officer2 vacancies
18 October 2018Wholesale4 vacancies
18 October 2018Internship Student10 vacancies